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The former Playboy playmate – who recently slammed the prolific availability of porn claiming it is damaging society – thinks she is “pretty good” at telling “sexy” stories and would love to make a career from it.

In an interview with Dazed magazine, she admitted: “I’ve always wanted to write erotic short stories. People tell me I should. Everyone says I’m a pretty good sexy storyteller.”

The 49-year-old blonde beauty – who previously confessed to being a victim of sexual abuse as a child – admitted posing nude for Playboy allowed her to “flip the script” and take ownership of her own life and body again.

She explained: “I flipped the script. I really did. I was trying to take the power back from my life and things which had happened to me in the past. I felt really out of control and felt, not like a victim, but that I wasn’t in charge.

“When I started posing for Playboy and doing things in LA, I realized I was living my own life. It was really empowering for me to be that girl.

“I was always so painfully shy and when I could break through that, it was just like freedom. Then you couldn’t stop me from walking down the street naked.”

But the former ‘Baywatch’ star admitted she was “violently ill” when she first bared all for Hugh Hefner’s publication in 1989.

She recalled: “At first I wasn’t nude, but I had someone reaching in and adjusting me and I was violently ill. I was really sick.

“Then it hit me, right there. I was like, ‘I can do this’. It’s just what society puts upon us.

“It wasn’t like I was doing anything graphic. Then I started appreciating all the nude pictures of women on the walls and I thought, ‘They’re so beautiful, what is wrong with this?’ There’s nothing wrong with it.”

source: The Spec

pamela-anderson-raised-a-flute-of-the-rose-wine-that-reporteTimeless sex symbol Pamela Anderson is on the cover of Dazed magazine’s 25th anniversary issue.

The blonde bombshell shares one of five different covers with supermodel Kate Moss, singer FKA twigs, and rising faces Gigi Hadid, and Natalie Westling.

In her cover interview, Pam reflects on her decade-spanning career. Here, our favorite excerpts.

On her past as a Playmate

“I really miss the Playboy days, It was wild… It was my university: sex, art, philanthropy, and just being around really talented, wonderful people. On Sunday nights we would all watch movies and stay around for the jacuzzi. I even used to call Hef (Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy) up in the middle of the night and ask him, ‘What are you doing?’ He would say, ‘I’m eating a peanut butter sandwich. Come on over!'”

On her longtime friend and collaborator Vivienne Westwood:

“One time I couldn’t go to Vivienne’s store opening in LA because my kids were driving me crazy. So Vivienne came over, went into Dylan’s room with her orange hair and said, ‘I’m so proud of you. Never listen to authority. You made your mother completely insane. I want you to keep doing that to every adult you ever meet.’ I was like, ‘Noooooo! That’s not what I wanted you to say.’ Brandon said, ‘Who is this woman you keep sending me on things with?’ And I said, ‘One day you’ll figure it out.’ Now he’s like, ‘Mom, Vivienne created punk rock.’ I was like, ‘I told you one day you’d figure it out! These are all very colourful, wonderful people that Mom knows and that are going to color your entire life.’”

On her dating life:

“Even if I never date again, I will never go on the internet to find somebody,” she said. “‘I’m like, ‘What’s going on? Isn’t this supposed to be fun?’ I’ll do anything for it! I’ll dance around naked. Let’s play characters! Let’s talk in different accents. Why is this so serious? It’s hard for me to stay in a relationship that isn’t like what I experienced at Playboy. It’s like, ‘Relax. Have a glass of champagne!’”

3824F10400000578-3782733-image-a-293_1473486058898Pamela Anderson is not shy when it comes to talking about sex, and the former ’90s Baywatch icon revealed to Us Weekly at the Harper’s Bazaar Icons by Carine Roitfeld event on Friday, September 9, that she is actively involved in her younger son Dylan Jagger’s dating life.

“I tell him not to do those stupid [dating] apps, which he doesn’t, thank God,” the 49-year-old blonde bombshell told Us about her second child with ex-husband Tommy Lee. “I tell him, ‘Just meet somebody on the street and get a connection.’ It’s human contact.”

Not to worry, Pam! The 18-year-old — who accompanied his mom to the event — confirmed to Us that he wasn’t using popular social media dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble.

“I don’t use those! I’m a lover,” he said.

It seems Anderson’s not leaving the dating advice to just her family members! The former Playboy model recently made headlines after coauthoring an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach about the dangers of porn, which was published August 31.

In the article, the duo argue, “This is a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness given how freely available, anonymously accessible and easily disseminated pornography is nowadays,” adding, “Porn is for losers.”

When asked about her antiporn crusade, the unintentional adult-film star (via a leaked sex tape with Lee in 1996) told Us, “I really want to start a sensual revolution instead of a sexual revolution, that’s more about compassion.”

The actress — who also shares son Brandon with the Mötley Crüe rocker — added, “I really believe in relationships and being in love and having great sexual experiences and just sensuality.”

source: US